Consumer Audio

For the Home

We use the combined capabilities of our electronics, metal, and plastic injection companies as well as close partnerships with nearby specialists to design, develop, and manufacture world class consumer audio products of all kinds. Our product mix includes, but is not limited to AV and 2 Channel Receivers, powered and passive loudspeakers, high powered subwoofers, outboard DACs, stand alone amplifiers, wireless streaming audio systems, Bluetooth enabled audio solutions, and others.




• Audio Video Receivers
• Powered loudspeakers
• Speaker docks
• Soundbars and consoles
• Powered subwoofers
• Multi-room whole house audio


• Stand alone high resolution
• DACs-USB and iOS compatible, XMOS
• Multi-channel decoding
• Wireless streaming via AirPlay, WIFI, Bluetooth
• High efficiency, high power class D amplification
• Switch mode power supply
• World compliance
• Many with exclusive Kwanasia IP