Professional Audio

Amazing Live Performance

Our very high internal quality standards, exacting assembly capabilities, and rigorous testing allows us to meet the stringent performance needs of brands for many types of professional, semi-professional, and pro-sumer audio products such as large scale broadcast quality multi-channel mixing consoles, medium size analog and digital mixing consoles, keyboard synthesizers, MIDI, high power redundant channel amplifiers, and powered and passive outdoor capable sound reinforcement loudspeakers.



• Multi-track mixing consoles for studio or on the road-analog or digital Mixers Synthesizer
• MIDI Guitar amplifier and speaker Effects
• High power, redundant channel amplifier
• Powered loudspeakers
• High powered subwoofers
• Injection molded or MDF construction
• Custom keyboard


• DSP iOS capable High efficiency, high power class D amplification
• Wireless
• Many with exclusive Kwanasia IP